Sunday, April 11, 2010

By Parental Request

Family self portraits are getting more difficult each year. I think it is time to get a remote. Anyhow, by request, here are the Good Friday and Easter pictures of the family.

Okay...boy' s first. Lets do a serious one:

Alright, good...but look at me this time...Noah stay there.

Good enough.
Jake looking dapper.

My handsome boys.

Hats were a fun for a family shot:

There ya have it.

Sunday...already late for church departure




Testing (alright...these amuse me more than the "real" thing)

Oops...too high.

And there you have it. I am much more fond of snapshots...real life...but at least once a year it is nice to have one with us all.


Sheri said...

thank you sooooo much! they are adorable. I hardly have any of your whole family and certainly none with Lily in the picture so this is great. I love the expressions of the boys both in the posed pictures and in the trial ones! So very much their personalilies coming through.
Love you guys so much.

Theis Family said...

What a beautiful family! I remember meeting you all in the parking lot at the Dove picnic last summer - they are just as cute in real life:) Congrats on the baby girl:)

The Singlers said...

They are great pictures! I really like the serious one. It's nice to see all of you together at once. Even though it was by parental request, friends like all together pictures too! ;)

Kellie said...

sooooooo cute! I love them all :) And yes, a remote is nice for things like that. Otherwise I suppose I would never be in a picture! Haha

alpidarkomama said...

Yum, yum. Great pictures!!!! (Again and again...)

Coraly said...

Looks like Lily is smiling!!! So fun!

JPB said...

Great shots! I genuinely miss the days when I could more leisurely peruse all these family blogs. I come to yours from time to time and take a long time to browse, but someday I hope I can get back to a daily check up with my siblings.

I think I'm done with Facebook forever, though.



Kristen Wilson said...

So incredibly beautiful! You are an awesome mom! And great photographer too.