Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adoption Get Together once again

We always try to make a point to go up to the events that our adoption agency puts together; (such a drag since they choose gathering places such as the Portland Children's Museum ;) and I always come away with two feelings. 1. The desire to adopt again and 2. The desire to move to Portland. Seriously, adoption communities (at least this one) have to be the greatest people on earth, and Lily will need a sister, right?

We had a great time in a very uncrowded wonderful place to play (for the kids) which led to a wonderful place to talk (for the adults). I even met a family who just moved to Corvallis. Unfortunately, I misplaced your you are reading this, please leave a comment ;) It was a great time of seeing old faces and meeting new ones...especially the new little ones who arrived to their families since the last get-together.

Ollie liked to shop

I desperately need to work on my self portraits

More shopping...although it looks like he is taking advantage of a turned back.

Noah found a friend and a button. What more could he need? kept him busy for a very long time!

Babies toes are always a hit

The water room is always fun. Oliver kept dropping his toy and shouting "mommy!!!"... Perhaps an attempt to lure me from my door guard position...but it was cute.

They were soaked.

Lil was a sport.

More shopping.

More fun.

Too much fun for my camera in a dark place with active boys

When having fun, bathroom needs sometimes sneak up on ya!

Good night, good friends. Thank you, Dove, for building such a great adoption family!


Sheri said...

makes me WANT you to adopt again! What great pictures and even better to see them on skype tonight and get to talk with all of you!

Miss you all so much.

Mainely Me said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Summer said...

Hi! Another blogger alerted me to your post--I'm the adoptive mom in Corvallis. It was so fun to meet you on Friday! I'm super stoked that there's another Ethiopian adoptive family in the immediate vicinity! Although it sounds like you're considering moving away :(. I have to agree with you though--there are an awful lot of wonderful families in the Portland area!

Your pictures are fabulous, by the way!

Oh, and my email is