Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Adoption...its a good thing. It is my hope to have one of those signs along the highway which reads "Adopt a Highway sponsored by A Family of Seven." But alas, I think it may raise some eyebrows to have preschool children along the roadside. It may have to wait a few years.

So instead, for Earth Day, we headed down to the Corvallis riverfront to clean up what litter we could find. Janine and the three cousins joined us for a humorous time of watching seven little ones peruse for trash with the promise of making an art project out of the findings. Better than an Easter egg hunt...yet perhaps a little less tasty.

Following the trash hunt (or rather as the trash hunt naturally died down) they discovered fields of daises. The perfect conclusion: an enjoyment of the little beautiful things that God graces us with each day.

We also stopped to watch some skaters.

And some fighters...

The nice fighter man came to talk to the boys and ask if anyone wanted to fight. He was met with nearly invisible shakes of the head, huge eyes, and shy smiles. I think this was a little too reminiscent of the gladiator chapter of history for Jake.

Aidan took him on which Jake replied later "Good for Aidan!" I love that kid's absolute disregard for peer pressure. ;)

Art project to follow.

And yes...I do let my kids touch cigs. If they are scared to touch them, how will they ever clean them up? But we did wash our hands ;)


Mainely Me said...

Looks like I missed out on a great day! What fun; I'm surprised that Aidan took the fighter on....nice that he would ask them to join in.Be sure to post the art:)

Ana said...

I am excited to see the art too! I love your posts Jodi :)

Sheri said...

I love it that they wanted to pick up the trash! What a good lesson for them. And you made a fun day out of it by inviting cousins and doing an art project. Who says that work can't be fun! (glad you also had nice weather - that helps!) Yah, no highway walking yet, okay?!!!