Monday, April 19, 2010

Reflection on a Day

My mind is too numb from today's activity to even think of composing much. Monday - Wednesday are like that. Especially after a day like today (loud and chaotic) and an evening of trying to figure out what to do differently or who the main "culprit" is in the mix. They like to mix it up on me however and trade days. Today it was Ollie who...well...just doesn't like to be told what to do. Noah was a doll and told me twice when he needed to use the potty. Of course, that leads to another direction of supervision needed but after cleaning the bathroom today I just might supervise all my boys when they are using the pot. SOMEone is not doing it right.

Oh the joy of boys. Is it just boys? Tonight Max was rummaging through the hamper for pjs. When I inquired why he was getting dirty jammies, his response was "because the ones in my drawer are too smelly." Seriously? I guess they need more supervision when I tell them to clean their room as well. Although one would think smelly pj drawer = need to take them out and put them in the laundry, they're not quite there yet. They are doing the laundry now, so I can't complain too much about that. was just one of those days. Intensity. All days are intense...and complicated. I told Josh that it is just impossible to answer the question "how was your day" because of all the levels of humanity running around the house. "Good" and "bad" are too simplistic. My days (indeed, my life) is full...of the good, the hard, the moments of joy and the moments of sanctification opportunities. So now I can answer in terms of balance: "The scale tipped more towards good" or something like that.

Lily decided today that she no longer can sleep through the boy's commotion. Ollie was a ball of comotion, whose favorite word was "no." Noah decided that my walls and Jake's journal needed some color (hoping he doesn't find those pages for awhile). Max begged for video games ALL DAY. Jake was acting like a teenager who was asked to mow the lawn with any instruction he was given.

And then they sleep. Or at least I thought. Max got up and walked out to the living room. When asked what he was doing, he gave the typical pointing gesture towards his pants indicating that he was using the toilette and then hopped back towards his room. "That's funny...I didn't hear the toilette seat." Oh wait...that's because he didn't put it up before he went. Did I mention I JUST cleaned the bathroom today? Oh well.

NOW they sleep and I can reflect back on the day with humor and adoration at these five little loves who reside with me for this short time. There's Jake who said he would rather fall on his sword than kill a fellow gladiator "I just wouldn't make it go through my heart" he says. We put a lego car together. Well...he put it together. My help was only needed for the separation of pieces stuck too fast together. He's lost two teeth already and is growing up. He was even convicted (with some hints by dad) by a chapter in the Narnia book and promises not to be "dragon-like" again tomorrow.

Max learned that "ch" and "sh" are different sounds and was thrilled to put sentences together like "I CHoose to put on my SHoes" and "There were CHips on the SHip." He laughed and laughed...a great laugh it is. He learned how to make a good base for a duplo house. With that knowledge, he patiently taught each of his brothers. Some were more receptive than others, but patient he remained until they all realized "you have to tuver the seams wif anodder's the only way!" He gave me probably twenty hugs today.

Noah is making great strides...growing up before our eyes. He gave me a kiss today. Not the one on the mouth (though I did get those too). He walked up and handed me a half-unwrapped chocolate kiss. Sure enough, the chair was at the counter and the box of sweetness was opened. "Did you get this down Noah?" I inquired. The answer came back in the affirmative...accompanied by a "no no no." and then a "awi" (sorry). God works in little hearts too!

And then there is Lily. Oh sweet darling little Lily...who stares into my face...waiting to be looked at in order to unleash a huge grin. She catches my eye and smiles...making the day bright. I knew not the treasure a daughter would add to my life...or the connection that would come.

Ollie wanted my lap...most of the day. And that in itself is enough to look back on and treasure. Yes, he was interrupting school time...and reading time...and cleaning time. He wasn't even particularly happy sitting on my lap. But he wanted a lap. All too soon they won't want a lap to sit on. And there will I count my blessings. How many people other than moms of preschoolers can get a hug at a moment's notice? I can get five!

...and yes, Max is pinching Noah's cheek.


Josh said...

Just reading this make me realize how much I miss during the day. I now you feel like you will go crazy but you have a good thing going. I love you.


alpidarkomama said...

"The scale tipped more towards good." I laughed out loud!!!!! I'm going to use that one!!!! Every day (please, God!). We had a loud day here too, but in the end it definitely all tipped towards good. :) :) :)

Kellie said...

This was the best post! I love reading about each of them. It makes me not feel so far away :) Love you all!

Janine the Bean said...

Such a sweet post, sister.

Keep pressing on. And keep documenting these thoughts and moments.

Love you.

Mainely Me said...

Yes, please keep sharing these thoughts and insights! Each little person a unique gift from the Creator. This made my day.

Natasha said...

You are such a great mom!!! Good job!

Sheri said...

Brings tears to my eyes! Love to hear about each
personality and get to know them better through your insights. What a joy each and everyone is. When all is said and done (for the day) no matter which way the scale tips I know you wouldnt trade your life (or any of them) for anything. You ARE a great mom - the best of the best. Love you much.

Erin & Mad said...

I love the last sentence, "yes Max is pinching Noah's cheek" My Max is a lot like your Max. How blessed you are, but I'm glad to hear we all have loud commotion filled days.

The Singlers said...

Thanks for the insight into your days and for the reminder to enjoy hugs while they last.

I just want to echo what Sheri said: you are a great mom, truly.

And clorox wipes are a great friend in cleaning bathrooms - I know this all too well. ;)

anne said...

Girl...I hear you! I have those days. The ones where you can feel the craziness building...with each thing you are needed for and each thing that goes so wrong. Such simple things to get through the day...and yet, with boys and toddlers, nothing is "simple" for mommy!

Around here, it's the floors that get disgusting. Learning to let go.

I appreciate your candidness about your day. It makes me feel like I'm not going insane. :)