Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

A sunny day at the kid's favorite park is a recipe for a happy mother's day. Add sisters, friends, and a husband to help watch and it gets even better. Of course, having our mom's there would have been the best thing. We missed you. I am putting this up as quickly as possible because I know this is probably the next best thing to being there.

The baby was usual...and had plenty
of arms to snuggle in.

The littles the train, down the hill, around the rocks, back and forth to the picnic basket (taking advantage of the fact that I don't like to say "no" on special days and eating WAY too many treats).

The bigs were hilariously raptured in a massive social structure game. It started because ...well... what else do you do when 10 young kids (ages 4 - 9) get together in a large park? First you find sticks to use as swords, then eventually divide into teams, then assign positions. At one point I went to check on things and got the rundown on the jobs ranging from berry pickers to messenger to servant to warrior.

It has been a difficult year. What with Josh's school schedule and homeschooling in the midst of having a baby and toddlerdom x2. Much of the time I am simply exhausted.


They bring more blessing to my life than could ever be imagined. These are the intense years. The blessings and the insanity. The quiet slumbering beauties and the crazy sword throwing warriors. Intense lessons in patience and intense feelings of love for these five beautiful children.


Mainely Me said...
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Mainely Me said...

Thank you! I missed y'all, too; it was a long day.
Where did you find that song? :)

Sheri said...

Missed you guys so much - and our annual coffee and church date.

yes, someday you will look back with longing for these days. I know they can be tough but they are priceless. God has been good to all of us to give us these 5 special children.