Friday, May 14, 2010

Photos for Friday

Those eyes can melt your heart. Be warned. can those.


The best kind of freedom has fences.

Some prisoner game with a bungee cord.

"Noah, you have GOT to come and see this!"

I like sun hats more than Lily.

Family: worth every moment.


Mainely Me said...

"The Best Kind of Freedom Has Fences". Hmmmm Sounds like a good book!
The first shot of Lily....Oh, my.

The Singlers said...

Thanks for the pictures and the glimpse into the family.

Coraly said...

I adore the one of you and your girl!

Sheri said...

oh, I love them all. Each one of the kids have eyes that put a catch in my heart! Thanks for sharing so I could live in my little world of grandkids for a few minutes!

Janine the Bean said...

A dorable.

It's amazing how much I miss you and the kiddos after a week.