Monday, June 21, 2010

A little religion humor from Jake

We teach our children of God, His love and His grace, His perfection, His sovereignty and His power. His sacraments...

Yes...the sacraments.

Raised Baptist (and Mennonite) grew in faith at Calvary Chapel, and now settled Presbyterian. Cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents are a mix of Calvary, Baptist, Episcopalian (or is it Anglican?) and Presbyterian. Needless to say, the sacraments will be one of those topics where we will have to speak wisely and graciously in our explanation to our children.

So today we were looking at some pictures of Lily's baptism. Jake brings up that Jordyn (his older cousin) got baptized on Sunday (so sorry we missed it!!!) "Yes...that is great! Isn't it" I say.

Max: "So when will WE get baptized again."

Me: "You only get baptized one time Max. There is no need for more."

Max: "But Jordyn..."

Me: "Jordyn got baptized yesterday...that was her first time."

Max: So we never get rebaptized?

Me: "No."

Jake: (with a smirk) "Unless a squirrel gets loose in church. Then ya might!"

I am thankful each time things such as this come up that our family has come to different interpretations of Scripture. Our children are learning grace among believers at such a young age.

And thank God for humor.

(for those of you who didn't get Jake's joke, just find "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" on You tube.)


The Singlers said...

That is too cool!!!!

As for baptism, going to a Baptist church is going to be interesting when our kids get older - grace and humor.

Mainely Me said...

Tell Jake that Grammy is laughing so hard her sides hurt and Grampy thinks I've gone crazy.
Wow...awesome post.

Abigail said...

I laughed soo hard! LOVE it!!

Sheri said...

I started out reading it to Warren without having first read it through myself. I got to Jakes line and laughed so hard I couldn't finish for a while! Tooo cute. Warren said he'd love to see the filing cabinet in that brain of Jakes
I guess we'll pray for a squirrel to get loose someday in his church! (only kidding of course) We're just so thankful they are learning to love God with their whole hearts whether or not we have differences in how that plays out sometimes.

Mainely Me said...

Warren....I like how you describe that little guy's brain. He DOES have some files in there!

Janine the Bean said...

I laughed so hard at this Jodi. Oh, I love kids. They bring so many laughable moments.