Monday, July 26, 2010

Interrupting the sequential summer catch up say that Lily is six months old today!

Liliana was a surprise in more than one way. First of all, the pregnancy was a bit of a surprise. Secondly, this was the only child I had one of those "feelings" about. I just knew she was a boy. So when the ultrasound tech began to spell out g.i.r.l. across the black and white screen, I was shocked.

After one boy, there is no expectation. After two boys, people start assuming that you must want a girl. In fact, people tend to believe that the primary reason for your continued procreation is the chance that you might "get your girl." I tried to explain that this was not the case, but even the fact that we adopted a boy didn't seem to convince. I love having boys. I could contentedly seem myself as a mom to all boys. I just didn't have that pressing feeling.

It was exciting buying pink dresses and pretty things and imagining what a "she" would look like, but it wasn't until I held her in my arms. There is no other way to explain it save the words "I fell in love."

Oh I love my boys. I love their personalities, their rambunctious ways, their love of creepy crawlies and swords, their all-around boyishness. I LOVE being a mom to boys. The addition that Lily brings is a soft, lovely oasis of snuggles and sweetness through the days. An anticipation of girl days and pedicures. A hope to salvage the feminine touch amidst all of the masculine energy.

A delicate white flower in the midst of thick leaves. Our Lily of the Valley

So...just what is this little flower doing? At the moment she is jabbering to a toy about 2 feet away. Perhaps attempting to charm it over to her. Eventually, through a series of rolls and wiggles, she will make her way over to it; unless she goes backwards...which sometimes happens.

I shudder to say it, but her selfish side has also made itself known. Being vocal as she is, there are very distinct sounds for distinct wants. A little whimper for wanting to be picked up, a squeal for a desire for a toy and all out screaming if someone takes something away. Her brothers, when being confronted by this scream, tend to hand it right back...even if I say "no." Uh oh.

She loves to engage. Most often staring at someone's face...just waiting for them to look down so she can wiggle around with huge smiles. This proves difficult at times when she needs to be quiet. Meetings or church for example...she seems to believe their conversation is directed at her and simply wants to talk back to them. It is very cute though.

Oh you have changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine. I love you darling one.


The Singlers said...

Oh Miss Lily - Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary Jodi and Josh to the world of pink and purple - it is a beautiful world. There is nothing like a daughter.... (or two)

Mainely Me said...

Like Janine said elsewhere, I LOVE watching you love her! Such a sweet little dolly.

Becky and Naing said...

wow hard to believe she is 6 months already. She is so sweet in her pictures.

Sheri said...

What a joy to know there is a "Lily" although I feel so deprived having yet to get to know her! I wouldn't give up the boys for anything but it's nice to know there is a little bit of pink amongst the sea of blue! I love you Lily!