Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Imagine for a moment

Imagine living in a world where at any moment, a pack of wolves could come bounding down the street and attack you in broad daylight. Imagine hawks so strong they could grab your little brothers. Imagine a world where being sucked out of a plane was a valid possibility. A place where deadly poison could be snuck into your cup or where the wrong kind of plant could kill you via touch.

This is the world Jake lives in. Everyday.

After the wolf incident, and the true understanding that he sees the world differently, I have been trying to see him differently. Really, with the above mentioned things (and SO many more) alive in his mind, he is truly a brave kid. Think of this: for the "normal" child, walking twenty feet to the van to retrieve something for your mom would be nothing more than a chore. But for a child who has been told by his cousin that their house has wolves (coyotes) around, and whose mind literally runs wild, this is no longer a chore but an enormous act of bravery as he makes the decision between obedience and sudden death.
Yes, a brave soul considering his world. Also self sacrificing. When seeing a circling hawk, he did what would be commended in a dangerous, possibly fatal situation. He screamed and herded all of his small cousins and siblings (four of them) into the house. Heroic.

It is true that some seem to possess more courage than others, but perhaps those who seem outwardly on the cautious side of life simply have a different way of looking at the world. And if courage is defined as the ability to face fear, than I have one of the most courageous boys ever.

Last month, that boy turned seven! Enjoy the photos from that special day set to music with two of his favorite songs. Happy Birthday little Hero.


Sheri said...

you are the best, Jodi. What a wonderful mother to be able to see her child from his view point. A brave boy, indeed. I will forever look at him (and others) differently.

I love you to the moon and back, my little brave hero!

Mainely Me said...

So very insightful. God has given you some very helpful information regarding Jake! Fight on, cautious and brave little man.

Kat said...

I love how you expressed this. True bravery...

The Singlers said...

Jake truly is brave.

Thanks for the insight into my brave child as well. You make me a better mom.