Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hands on History Lesson

What do you do when you come out of the room (after you have locked yourself in there for some quiet phone time) only to find three little boys running around totally naked? (and one who is waiting patiently to ask if he can take his clothes off as well)...?

If you have totally given in to the nature of boys and are looking for a "schoolish" activity, you take the opportunity to teach a little about the Celts.

Did you know that the Celts believed that the blue swirls they painted on their bodies would protect them in battles? Here are some (washable) markers boys! Go for it!


The Singlers said...

Jodi - you are an amazing woman! 4 naked boys covered in blue ink - wow. They won't forget that the Celts covered themselves in blue paint before war! That is just great. Did Lily get the blue treatment or did she get a pass?

Janine the Bean said...

Three cheers for living history! It's funny that I was on the phone with you. "Oh wow...all the boys are naked." You said it so calmly.

Sheri said...

amazing woman you, Jodi!
I was trying (with Kellie) to think of fun things that I could do with the boys when they come out. Finally Kellie made note that it's hard when they have a mother that makes life interesting and fun all the time.

Good for you for seeing the smile in 3 nakes boys (while the other one asked permission)!!!!

Mainely Me said...

I'm assuming it the the eldest that waited? What fun! Brought to mind how my Dad used to let you kids decorate his feet and bald head with markers, and they weren't washable.