Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Elusive Liliana

Someone mentioned the other day that they never *see* Lily. (That is...she does not make a regular appearance on any internet posting). Hmmm...why would this be? I suppose in a way it is because she isn't the one doing things...she just rides along...Oh wait. There you have it: she is constantly being carried by me. A seeming extension of my side; a little friend; a minny me.

But don't let her lack of "publicity" on the social internet circles fool you...this is one loved girl. She is the light of our lives...and I speak for all six of us. Our little "deary" as the boys call her. Darling. Sweetheart. Lovey bug. Princess. The endearing names go on as long as the boisterous energy around

I know some might say she should be
put down...I know she should sleep through the night...but I just have a feeling somewhere deep down that tells me its all going to happen. She will sleep through the night eventually...and will not always want to be held.

This little darling is so irresistibly sweet.

She army crawls now...and rocks on her hands an knees. Her very first tooth popped its way out...She smiles and loves her brothers; except when she is "not in the mood" and swats them away.

Josh declared today that she has a princess look about her.

Oh boy. Give us grace to raise such a *sweet darling* child.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

She is SO cute! I say hold her to your hearts content. :)

Rebekah said...

She is so incredibly adorable! And I totally agree with the, I know I should put her down, I know she should sleep through the nigh...but. I'm in the same boat, I think I've learned more with each child to just hold them longer, because they grow up WAY too fast! Love the sofa pictures :)

Coraly said...

dont put her down! One day she will run, sleep throuh the day but for today hold her and take in all that lily goodness!!! She is beautiful!!!

Janine the Bean said...

She's something else. When I have a girl, Lord willing, I'm sure I'll do the same. Not that boys aren't special, but when you've been surrounded by them....a girl does seem very very special.

Sheri said...

She's one lucky little girl! And boy, are we blessed to have her be part of the family. Can't wait to "not put her down" myself!

Mainely Me said...

She is sweetness! I love how she digs her little toes into your waistline and pushes up when I hold her, JUST like her Mommy did.
Her Mommy got carried around a lot, too:) Just keep soaking up the sweetness.

The Singlers said...

My girls and I wish we were there to be part of the never put her down crew. She is wonderful and sweet. How could she not be a princess?