Friday, October 08, 2010

Back to normal...and a light-bulb moment for Max

After a great long weekend with Josh home (which could be deemed great because of his sense of humor in his injury), Tuesday was "back to normal" day.

As I was making progress on the annual Halloween Costumes, Max was up at the table asking me to dictate letters for him. I was quite surprised to see they were actually legible! "Mom! I figured it out: you just try to make them how they look in your head."

Jake informing him of the hyphen.
Lily helping
A go at numbers
Its nice they don't grow up all at once :)


Mainely Me said...

Oh, Max; you're awesome.

Sheri said...

oh, Max; you make me smile :)

(I already had this statement formed before I read Jan's. We think alike OR maybe we both just know Max so well..!)