Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mr. Mom...the Injured Substitute

I always wondered what happens when someone "throws out their back." Now I know.

Upon having Jake fetch Josh for dinner, I was summoned to "go to daddy. Instead, I peaked out the window to the backyard. What I saw was Josh leaning on a post and looking intently at my clematis as the hose lay spraying towards it.

"Hmm..." I thought. "That's weird...he has never shown interest in that plant before."

In truth, he was leaning incapacitated on the post (with no regard for my flower) as the hose (which had fallen from his hand) lie spraying off with no directional purpose.

After about a half an hour, he managed to get to the couch with the aid of a chair...with me in front moving it along.

Yes...he had thrown out his back. Very painful. I wouldn't recommend it...and I don't think I am reaching to say he wouldn't either.


... for the fact that he got some well-deserved rest.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  were spent in large parts on the couch. Monday rolled around and the job sight was not seeming like a wise place to go yet, so he got to accompany us to Classical Conversations. Following which he played Mr. Mom/Substitute by explaining how all three natural cycles are found in the fish tank. Thanks dear. You make a great teacher.

He even had them folding socks


Mainely Me said...

Seeing the good in the not so good:/

Kellie said...

Poor, poor, brother. I'm so sorry you threw your back out. It definitely doesn't sound like fun. But it is cool that you got to be there for school. It sounds like you are a good substitute :) love you all!

Janine the Bean said...

Bravo, brother! I still can't contain myself when I think of the picture I have in my mind of you hobbling to the car with a chair in front of you. Give us another 50 or so years and it will be reality...and we'll all be laughing. You're such a good sport.

Sheri said...

having watched your dad go through this I know it is painful. So sorry you had to inherit this quality! Glad you could (eventually) have a sense of humor about it and make the good come out of a bad situation. Be careful with it. (Pulling up carpet this weekend, are you sure that was a good idea?!) Love you lots.