Friday, November 05, 2010

The King and his Princess

There was much debate in the Yoder pre-Halloween household on whose costume Lily would be a part of. Both of the older ones wanted the little princess to adorn their side: Max claiming her as a Scottish princess and Jake insisting on her being England's little lady. In the end, (after reading the "less than nice" things about the ladies surrounding William Wallace's Scotland) Max allowed Jake to claim his accessory. 

And so she became the daughter of King Alfred the Great. 

Other than her hat (which fell off all the time) everything went quite well with the Little Lady's dress. I did realize quickly, however, that girls clothes are much harder and more time consuming to make. That said, I just couldn't bring myself to dress her as Joan of Arc. 

Jake played the part of regal king quite well...perfecting the stance he saw of a statue, kneeling, posing with his sword and flinging his cape around. 

He was especially happy to be a person of power again this year...and liked to make people try to guess who he was. "So who are you?" (Jake): "Guess." (person) "A king?" (Jake) which king?

He was also very happy that his costume (unlike Max's) had pants and a "long shirt." I decided not to inform him that white silky pants with gold bands were probably not the most masculine thing he could wear and actually made him more feminine than Max. Why rock the boat...especially when Max could care less. 

In the end, Max still got his princess time. 


Kellie said...

Love it all! Super cute! By the way, Jason's grandma sent us a newspaper clipping of Max and Jake in their costumes. Did you see it? So cute!

Sheri said...

I just thought you dressed her as a princess because that is a part she plays daily!!!! So cute of all of them.
Jake made a mighty fine king!

The Seven of Us said...

Well mom...yes, she sort of does. But it was a medieval theme. Most obvious choice was a princess (and I sort of wanted to try my hand at something ultra girly.

Thanks Kellie...I did get a paper. The guy who took it was a SERIOUS history nerd. Then he said "you know you are raising them to be like that" and pointed to renaissance people talking in British accents. Hmm....Well...I guess there are worse things to be. ;)

Mainely Me said...

I was wondering which big brother got to claim 'The Princess'! Such great costumes, for all 5.