Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day

Our country is at war. And I find myself torn between the debates of  "war" vs. "No war" as often as I find myself traveling between the two opposite cities in which I spend most of my days.

On one hand, I hate war. And I say that with all the passion of a protester. I hate the killing of innocent people. I hate hearing of the fallen soldiers. I hate the cost of war. I hate the thought of our military marching around and occupying foreign land. I hate the thought of the people whose land it is...fearing the soldiers of our country. Honestly and completely...I hate war. 

(as I go on, do not do me the disservice of negating the above statement...for it is true)

On the other hand...I cannot say I disagree with war. Afterall, those who don't agree with war will be ruled by those who do. I can't imagine that there are too many who would resist the idea of defending one's own country against a physical, destructive threat. And I can't imagine that we have the full intelligence to make those decisions.

So where does one go with these thoughts and opinions? I have no idea. Maybe to nudge those who stand firmly fixed on one side or another towards an attitude of understanding. To stop the eye-rolling and name calling. The accusations and assumptions. To show a middle ground to stand on peace.

If I had more hands, I might share my opinions on war and religion (or politics and religion in general), or my thoughts on the anger festering in people regarding the war...on either side..., or how I am supposed to raise four strong, thoughtful, peace-loving men who will be prepared to defend the ideals and principles of our society against those who oppose it...all the while restraining themselves from reckless aggression out of a fear of God.

I am sad that war is a reality of our world.

Consider the words of Tolstoy, from his novel Resurrection:
"Oh! I was thinking that all those people (inspector, convoy men -- all those in the service) are for the greater part kind people -- cruel only because they are serving....(good middle part, but I will spare you the length of Tolstoy)...Perhaps these governors, inspectors, policemen, are needed, but it is terrible to see men deprived of the chief human attribute, that of love and sympathy for one another."

Veterans and soldiers: may the grace of God be with you, guarding your hearts against the hardness which accompanies your duty; protecting your body and mind from the effects of serving and giving you peace in the midst of war. Never rid yourself of your honor, integrity, and love for fellow man. 


Sheri said...

beautifully said....

Janine the Bean said...

You beat me to it. It's strange as we were sitting with six children between us and watching the same parade, we were both, in the midst of it all, thinking similar thoughts.

My blog post will come. And I'll link it to yours.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Becky and Naing said...

very well said Jody and so true.