Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lily's First Tea

Every little girl should have tea parties.

Lily's first was in celebration of the royal wedding...and a celebration of our mom...and daughters, and tea, and sisters, and nieces, and all the fine things about life as a girl.

It is hard to say why I had such a good time, but it was something in the way she drank tea from her first tea cup (a gift to her from me), or how she twirled in front of a princess wedding. There was something about her on this night that simply made me melt.

Daughters. :)

She may need some etiquette lessons.

Cousins twirling

Someday your prince will come, Lily. 


Kramer Family said...

That is soooo cute! I love it! Not to long ago it was cute because Dennis promised the girls a tea party and then he set it all up and enjoyed tea with his girls. It's fun having tea party's. I loved what u wrote and that someday lily's prince will come for her! Cute!!!

Mainely Me said...

It WAS a special evening! Thanks, daughters and granddaughters. A Mother's Day to be cherished.

Mainely Me said...

I just noticed, in the second group photo, Dad looking in through the window of the door! Too funny.

Sheri said...

what a great idea - and a special night! She's all lady! (except for the tongue in the cup thing)!

Night Nurse said...

Awesome pictures and awesome idea for a tea party! Thanks for posting those!

Heidi Jensen said...

How fun! What sweet memories to make together.