Friday, August 05, 2011

Excuse me, Sir...I really need to go.

The Albany River Rhythms has become quite a popular event. Especially when a country star comes to town singing "She Don't Know She's Beautiful." We had a wonderful time despite Josh spending much of his time in bathroom lines on three different potty occasions.

On one such occasion Max, after gulping down much of Aunt Joy's drink, really had to go. Now.

After dancing in line for a little while, Josh suggested Max go up ahead to the front and ask if he could sneak in ahead.

From the back of the line Josh sees a gray head shaking back and forth. A confused Max asks again (after several people had noticed the situation. Same thing: "Nope!"

Disappointed but still dancing, he makes his way back to Josh; but not before a lady grabs his hand and walks quickly back. Before she could get to the front, a few others had approached the man in disbelief while others in line motioned him forward.

A rather embarrassed man finally let the dancing boy relieve himself.


Coraly said...

Poor little guy!!!
And I really love the title of this post reminds of Annie!!! Love that movie

Mainely Me said...

: ) Good to know the reasonable and caring can still outnumber the self centered and unkind. Sad world we live in sometimes.