Saturday, August 13, 2011

A hike to feel big

The big boys got to go camping. The littles had to stay behind. Nothing like being left with mom while your brothers and dad and uncle and grandpa drive away on a camping trip to make a boy feel small. Fortunately, I can still wave my motherly sway and turn their little broken hearts around with a simple hike in the forest.
Ready for the hike

Up the hill

classic classic Ollie

Forget the carrier...she walked the whole time. 

little girl in the big woods

beautiful foliage all over the place. Stay on the trail boys!

Totally fake

New animals. Sorry Josh. To top it off, Noah named his animal an obnoxious sound

First and only fight of the hike. Pretty good I'd say.

They felt big. As for me, I always feel just a little big smaller after a walk in the woods. 


Mainely Me said...

Such a good Mommy....a walk in the woods to cheer up the little ones, on three hours of sleep!!! Hope you all sleep soundly tonight. LOVE the pictures.

Kellie said...

so so cute! I love that Noah named his animal a sound. Gotta love it :)

Ana said...

I agree with your Mom, are such a good mommy! It looks like you had a great time with them (despite the crazy lack of sleep), and you made some beautiful memories :)

Darlene Weigle said...

The picture of Noah with the penguin is adorable. :) What a cutie.I also like the picture of "baby sister" with her two older brothers. He looks like he is keeping an eye on her. :) TOo cute.

Janine the Bean said...