Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miles 16 - 18.5

I'm not sure why we decided to take a hike on this day. I can't quite remember. I'm pretty sure all the kids were "at" each other and we needed something to do. Well, as you can imagine, this translated to them being "at each other" on the trail. After only about .3 miles there arose the need to sit down and evaluate our options: walking together as a family or turning around. Perhaps the newness of 50 miles had worn off or perhaps it was just "one of those days."

But with new backpacks strapped on and loaded with water, they decided to walk on. And with that song drifting through my mind we continued the familiar path. 

One of the reasons my kids love this path is for its many little trails through the woods and down to the river.

Nothing beats rocks cruising through the air only to disappear with a splash and leave expanding ripples in the quiet water.

 By the end of the walk feet were soaring and attitudes were up. 

About the Trail: 
Takena Landing is located in North Albany right along the river. On HWY 20 coming from Corvallis you will turn right at the first stoplight (don't go over the bridge). The trail begins under the bridge. This is a very easy 2 miles but perhaps because of the ease, it seems a long trip to the end. It makes a short loop at the end and you walk back on the same trail. 

The trail runs along the Willamette River  though most of the time it is hidden from view by trees. There are many little trails with small beaches and fun areas to explore. The total mileage for this trial is about 3.5 - 4 miles. 


Mainely Me said...

Lily's hair is sure getting long! I love that series of three of her...quite the range of expressions.

Sheri said...

I'm loving these stories and I am so glad you are writing again, Jodi! You have a way with words.
I see the half way mark in the near future!