Monday, June 24, 2013

Miles 18.5-22

On the longest day of the year it is a "semi-tradition" to watch the sunset from the beach. I say "semi-tradition" because I think we've only done it once before but all the kids think it is a "must do."

Two years of this tradition now must mean that it is forever a part of our family. Nonetheless, it is one I love and I'm glad they do as well. 

We got to the beach around 4:00...leaving over five hours till sunset. 

After walking as far west as possible, we turned right and followed the shoreline North up Nye Beach. 

Now, I have been to Nye Beach coutless times. Honestly, it is one of the beaches I visit the most as you virtually run into it after making the straight shot over from the valley. However, I had never walked North. 

On our way we hit small pools formed around lonely rocks and small "child-sized" dunes. I was giving myself props for thinking ahead enough to caution them to wait before getting soaked as we had a long time till sunset. Unfortunately, they didn't. But really, once you wade into a warm ocean tide pool, there really isn't much turning back.

Down the beach we went, with Ollie pulling up the rear. I wanted to make it to the end so we coaxed him on and on before finally turning back. Josh kept him occupied on the return trip by dragging a large stick.

 Jake was just determined to carry his finds back. 

Noah and Max did not make the pictures because they were WAY in front,

and Lily was here. 

The end was in sight and I took an exhausted Oliver and a freezing Lily back to the van to get hot cocoa while the others made sand forts. It was a fun filled 3.5 miles!

The day ended, warm drink in hand, with a lovely sunset at 9:05pm.

 About the "Trail"
Nye Beach is perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Newport. Coming from Corvallis, turn right when you get to HWY 101 and then left at a stoplight a little down the road. There are signs to follow.  There is a nice parking area very near the beach (which is important unless you want to take a mile hike when the kids are inevitably cold on the way back to the car) and a foot washing station. However, don't forget to bring the baby powder. It works wonders on wet sandy skin. 

Nothing much more to say about beach hiking...there aren't many different directions one can choose from, but the wide open space and the beautiful ocean make for a superb family "hike."

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