Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Keeping On

I have grand ideas, big plans.

And I start off well.

And then.

I also have "not so grand" plans. Take the very simple tradition of the nativity. Mary and Joseph make their way through the house during Advent until they reach the stable. Then the wisemen begin their journey and (ideally) arrive at the stable in time for Epiphany.

Unless they argue on the picture ledge for weeks. Or fall asleep on the bookshelf for a month. The kids began to comment. "I don't think they're going to make it."

YES! They will TOO! I will not put those silly plastic Playmobil guys away until they see the Messiah!

They arrived, years older in playmobil lifespan, only to find the cradle empty and a hand directing them to the cross. They mourned. And then rejoiced on Easter morning.

And that is what my kids will remember.

Keep on.

Keep on even if you feel you've been on a ledge for years.

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