Monday, August 18, 2008


They cry for help with smiles and open hands. Yet from a distance their cries cannot be heard. Our tiny ambassador does not know the service he provides - a reason to remember the empty palms of those suffering from famine in Ethiopia.

At this moment, I cannot imagine that this woman and her boy are anywhere else but where we saw them last: begging at the gates of the monastery. Praying for one more meal.

It is hard to believe or understand just how bad the crisis is right now. Unfortunately, reports are not positive. If you want to help, please e-mail me. We were able to touch bases with the pastors of the Ethiopian Reformed Church. They are men we would trust to help the poor who come right to their doors.

"Everyday when I go to fetch water at the river, I worry that my baby will be dead." -Ethiopian mother. Interviewed here


Janine the Bean said...

What can I even say? After Pastor Martin's sermon on Sunday, what I've carried away from it is this: "We can do better" (in regards to our money and how we spend it). I am too often convicted that whatever "extra" we have is spent on ourselves. JJ and I are doing some rethinking of spending lately. Thanks for this Jodi.

Sheri said...

I was wordless as I read this and listened to the interview and then I was filled with a deep emotion. Shame. I am ashamed of this United States who has so much and yet lives in "poverty" from our own spending. Of thinking we need more to make us and keep us happy. Ashamed of those of us who live in a house too big for two people, with money to have our coffee drinks, drive multiple vehicles and pay to lose weight and exercise (because we have too much food and too many choices). And yet we complain and blame others for our financial hardships. I am ashamed of me.