Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A call to USPS

If there is one thing I have learned about the adoption process, it is that one must stay on top of government agencies. Unfortunately, government agencies ike to use the invention of phone menus to the extreme. I have become very talented in the art of "multitasking while navigating through these tedious menus."
One such call had to be made today to the USPS (Unites States Postal Service) regarding an important letter had not been received. You see, for us to travel, we must have our "Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application For Advance Processing of Orphan Petition" (or form I-171H). The Portland office failed to send it to the National Visa Center. The Portland office then stopped handling adoptions, therefore, our paper was sent to Yakima who in turn sent us a paper letting us know that they had what needed to be sent to the National Visa Center. I then had to send a request to the Yakima Field Office requesting it be sent immediately to the NVC in Addis Ababa...yada yada yada...the bottom line is: if this is not done, we cannot go. The letter should be there, but is not registering on the USPS web sight. Ugh. (the sooner I know it is a their office, the sooner I can stay on top of them!)
So today's call was made during Oliver's 2nd lunch. A rather easy multitasking endeavor. I even was managing to do some travel research on the computer.
"Welcome to the United States Pos
tal Service" doot-di-doo...Hmm...Harar could be as old as the 7th menu:
"To Track and confirm a package, say 'Track and confirm'."
"To send a package, say...What was that? I did not understand your request."
To return to the main menu, say menu. To hear the previous...I'm sorry...I can not understand your request. Good bye."
No no no!!! Don't hang up on me! I didn't say anything. Good grief.
Main Menu.
Okay...let's try this again...
"To Track and confirm a...What was that? I did not understand your request."
Agh! what is going on?!
It took me three tries before I realized that the wonderful automated voice was attempting to translate the nursing sounds of Oliver. No wonder she was not understanding.
When at last I reached a real person, she sweetly said " you have a baby? Those sounds are so cute!" I thanked her and rolled my eyes.
It was a funny part of my day once I got through it. It turns out that the letter has not yet been delivered, so I guess I will just keep watching for when it gets there. That's about as good of an adoption update as I have aside from rumors of early court closures and difficulty getting through courts lately. I'll keep ya posted when we know something more. For now, I am busy with three...telling myself that Ged
a has wonderful nannies and trying not to think of the fact that caregiver love will never replace motherly love.
But how could you be upset at a face like this?


Coraly said...

Oliver is absolutely darling... I cant wait to see all the gang in 4 weeks!

Jan said...

What a great start to my day! Especially since I need to deal with the DMV regarding the fact that Dad's drivers license needs to be renewed before we plan to be home. Maybe I'll try email.

J.J. said...

"Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application For Advance Processing of Orphan Petition"

Hmmm. I guess "form I-171H" is an improvement over NFDCAFAPOP.