Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I don't even care.

After leaving the dark side of the moon on Monday (which is what I adoringly call the weekend when communication with government and adoption agencies goes quiet), there was still no word on whether or not the embassy had received our paperwork. SO...I called again. This time to be told that they had just received our paperwork and would send it out via DHL sometime this week. After questioning how I could have been told that they had sent it out on the 28th (and getting NOwhere) I hung up the phone in tears. HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?
"Gordon Smith's office, How may I direct your call?"
" I need to speak with __ ___ please."
"I'm sorry...she is out of the office this week."
Well, it looks like the dark side of the moon just got longer.
After reading some books to the boys and dividing up Playmobil for them, I sat down to let our agency know what was going on. I very shortly received an e-mail saying "That's funny...the embassy says they have it!"
It is amazing how instantaneously I stopped caring about the NVC. I am officially DONE calling that line. At least until next time.

I called the agency and talked about travel dates. We must arrive no later than July 8th and are to stay until at least the 16th. (probably longer)
This means that we will be here during the time my brother and his family are here! Hooray!!!

It is all coming together. Praise God!

I also managed (so far) to find tickets for just under 2,000 a piece. We'll see what I can "dig up" today.


JPB said...

Wait ... I thought you had to be there no later than the 8th? How are you going to be in MN on the 9th? Or were they flexible?

Anonymous said...

I found the National Visa Center to be useless, too. Thank God your agency is on top of things.

So so exciting that your travel is getting closer! And WOW you found a great deal on airfare.

wmw said...

Hooray for progress! You WILL get there--not as soon as you'd like, but soon enough...

Anonymous said...

I am ready for you to start caring again. I miss your blog posts.