Thursday, September 04, 2008

Snippets and Snapshots

In lieu of the regularly scheduled blog events, here are a few tid-bits from our days and an update on the kiddos.

Max (in his Max accent):

"Mommy, what is it called when you kiss an owie and it doesn't feel better?


"Oh. Reality? ...Oh."

Later to Grandma:

"Mommy, what is that called again when you kiss an owie and it still hurts?"

"Reality honey."

"Oh yeah. Reality...Grammy, Reality is bad!"

Other than the occasional dose of reality, Max is doing well. His birthday came and went rather uneventfully in his mind. (we will have a combined party with Dom later) He had a good day and loved the attention, but after being constantly corrected at his presumption that he was five now, the excitement of a birthday sort of wore off. Let's face it, when you have a five year old brother, three just isn't something to get wrapped up in. It was a good day, however and when given the opportunity to choose from a variety of fun activities, he turned them all down and requested to help me make dinner. I just love my Maxwell!

Jake is Jake. Growing up and realizing some newly discovered ability every day such as jumping from his bunk bed or standing still when dogs come running. He can hike now and knows more about dinosaurs, mosquitoes and bats than his mom. (did YOU know that only the female mosquitoes suck bite? Neither did I.)

Small things make me smile these days. We all know life exists in the small things. A man in a suit pulled over on the side of the road to take a picture of a sunflower. A middle aged guy in a nice car rubbernecking to see a large crane going down the road. They see the small things too in the middle of their busy lives. I smiled when I saw these men this morning.

I also smile when Paul Simon is playing. Naturally, or because they have nothing else to listen to, my children adopt their favorite songs. Both of them enjoy "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes"; otherwise known as "The Rich Girl" song.

Here is what Jake walked away with from the song:

"That girl is too rich. She should give some of her money to the boy."

You're right, Jake. Shouldn't we all.

Noah is coming alive. His smile is unlike any I have ever seen. It isn't a baby smile...wide mouthed and open. It is a smile of recognition. A smile of love. He spreads his lips wide in a closed smile, scrunches his nose up and squints his eyes. He is capturing our hearts as we capture his trust.

Here is proof of the walls falling down. He laughed until it hurt.

And Oliver. Oh Oliver. Full of personality. Smiling or crying, watching or ignoring. His moods come and go more quickly than diapers through the laundry (and if you dont' think that is very quick...just spend a couple of days around here!).

Well, that's life as we know least at 11:30pm. I suppose I should go to bed. We go camping tomorrow and then we head straight into school next week. Fortunately I am reading a great book to balance out some of my hyper first-time homeschooling perfectionism.

What is life but to be lived!


One more thing...just because it was adorable and one of the only unscripted thing about these elections


Janine the Bean said...

Life is beautiful. JJ laughed at the part about Jake standing still when dogs come running at him. Knowing Jake's reaction to dogs in the past, this is really funny.

We both enjoyed the shot of Palin's daughter spit-combing the baby's hair. We were laughing when we saw it that night. I'm sure she learned that from her mom. ;) One of those mom things we all swear we'll never do and then...BAM! find yourself doing it one day.

Shanna said...

OH so stinkin sweet!!!!
I love the last picture ADORBLE! ;) Life is amazing isnt it?

Mainely Me said...

Such good shots and insight. Aren't kids great? Hearing Noah's laughter made me laugh all over again. I think that sound of baby laughter is my very favorite sound of all.

Coraly said...

That laugh, you can not hear a baby laugh with out a smile coming to your face! I can not believe how big Oliver is getting! Kiss his chubby little cheeks for me!

Kirsty said...

I liked the bit about "reality". I always ask my son if I can kiss his boo boo's better but he doesn't understand yet. What is that called? When do kids want their boo boo's kissed? That is what I have been pondering the past couple days.

The Singlers said...

Thanks for the update - I will keep the reality thing in mind for Alexandra when she asks. It's fun hearing how the boys are doing. Noah's laugh is great! Samantha and Oliver have the same moods swings! It definitely makes life more interesting....

Kellie said...

great post. I miss you all when I don't have anything to read :) This one made up for the absence! Have fun camping

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the boys lives from their mother's point of view. It's wonderful that you are taking the time to see each boy as an individual and each moment as one to be savored.

Love you all, Mom Y.