Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review: Sunday

Another morning to get four kids dressed and packed for a day away from home! (Weekends make me tired!)

After church we headed to the Fall Festival...a great way to kick off Fall by perusing local artists and gluing small pieces of wood together into your own "art."

Artists in the making

Their favorite artist.

Taking a rest.

The rest is over. We then moved onto the Fountains for one last romp before the cold sets in.

Beautiful Day on the River

We were having the conversation about how one can manage to take 2,000 photos a month. Good isn't like I keep them all!

Flying lessons

Tired kiddo at the end of a long day.

And today...redoing the sculptures we left at the Festival. Oops.


Mainely Me said...

Noah gets a bottle and Ollie gets a foot? :) When did Ollie start flying with Noah? So cute.

The Six of Us said...

Yeah...although I think Ollie prefers the foot to the bottle.

Ollie just started the flying thing. Once he gets his arms strong I am afraid he will be walking!


Coraly said...

What a fun weekend you had!!! Aren't stay at home Mondays the best after a crazy busy weekend...
Also, lets start to think maybe about sometime when we can get together...

Sheri said...

makes me tired just reading about your weekend! But what a great one it was! Great pictures. Thanks for letting us have a peek at your life.

JPB said...

You take 2000 a month to get the 50 you put on your blog and the 1 you cherish forever.