Thursday, October 09, 2008

Words on Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday

Those who are close to us (in vicinity) know the change that Noah has been through.

He came from Ethiopia somber. Withdrawn. He did not cry except when he was hungry and he did not laugh. Smiles were few and far between and this left us hoping that it was just his personality.

The tear falling from his eye in the picture below was the most common form of his emotion. No sounds or movements; just a silent tear from his sweet, sad eyes.

I didn't expect this. I must admit. But something in Noah just needed to observe...and perhaps to morn.

Those days are now gone and Noah feels his place in our our family. He is a joy with his squeals of excitement and waves of happiness. When a hug is needed, go to Noah and he will wrap his tiny arms around you and bury his head on your shoulder. Every day seems to bring a new, shining part of his personality.

We won't forget those first few weeks. We won't forget whatever he was morning.

We will not forget Ethiopia.


Mainely Me said...

Oh, his smiles are SO very precious! And those squeals when someone else makes me smile just to think about it.
It was good to see the sparkle back in Ollie's eyes, too, after his day-after-shots sadness.

Edewards Family Blog said...

Its interesting that you wrote this. I was sitting and taking Vaughn in this afternoon, wondering what does he see, what does he hear, what does he feel, what does he understand? I know he understands MOM, who feeds him and calms him in the night. He cries for me and settles when only I hold him. I know he feels pain and hunger. But what does he FEEL? Does he feel loved. Does he feel wanted? Can we really know? I personally think he does and i think that because of Noah. He is the reason my mind has wandered to this. I have seen him come out of his shell and I truly think he was mourning. Morning loss and not knowing his gain. You have given him hope in the midst of suffering. Love in spite of abandonment. Peace in his turmoil. You are his savior and his comfort. Praise God he was put in your arms. He does: with his smiles and his hugs and his laughter.

The Singlers said...

Oh how we wish that we were there to meet Noah! He could not have found a family who would love him more from the oldest to the youngest. How wonderful it is that he is feeling your love for him and coming out of his shell. May Noah always know how much you love him.

Sheri said...

Our little Noah. He was ours before he knew it.

Still makes me cry to think of it...

Crazy mom said...

Thanks for this post. It is so important to remember the sadness that accompanies the joy in adoption.