Friday, November 07, 2008

Frusterating Photo Friday

Yes. We have entered my least favorite time for photos: Winter! Dark days and low light make it almost impossible for me to take quality photographs and drives me crazy until the brilliant lights of spring return. I have tried AV mode but the best shutter speed I can get is usually under 1/10. I have tried manual mode with the same result. the P mode sometimes allows me to overexpose just the right ammount to turn some decent shots, but they are usually just too washed out and orange. Manual is too dark and flash is...well...I despise flash.

Those who enjoy these things, could you please help?!?!?! Is it hopeless without buying a new camera? I think my camera is getting worse. But I guess 51,000 photos will do that to a camera. are some "favorite" (read: ARGH these would be so much better if they were exposed correctly) photo friday.

The Favorite:

The Runners Up

Love you, brother!

Teeter-totter improvement by Jake
"Now you won't bump so hard when you go down"

I miss those curls!

No turning back!

The new bath routine.

"No, no,'s a good song. You don't want to turn it off."

Beautiful Baby

What's YOUR favorite?


gre said...

the photos are wonderfull!!

Ana said...

Love You Brother is my favorite. How precious!

Hauswife said...

Oooo, the last one! I could eat him up with a spoon!

The Singlers said...

I miss your boys...
they are all so great

Brooke said...

mine is the Beautiful Baby, precious!

Mainely Me said...

Jake's teeter-totter improvement...I love it! I've always had a problem with the landing of those things. It didn't help that I had a brother that delighted in jumping off and letting me BUMP down.

Sheri said...

No turning back, the teeter-totter, brotherly way to whittle it down to one.
No turning back: I can't believe how still he sits with that awful buzz in his ear and his HAIR disappearing!
The teeter-totter: Love how Jake's mind works
Brotherly love: what's to explain, so cute.
I, personally, loved the pictures and can't see anything wrong with them. But I know nothing....!

JPB said...

Read this and see what it does for you.

JPB said...

I like "love you brother" best.

Tammy Halley said...

Hi, I know nothing about photography myself, but one of my friends posted about this. Hope it helps.

(I think your pictures look great!)

I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. I am a stay at home mom to my 4 year old daughter and love it.

Kellie said...

love you brother is awesome! But I also like the teeter totter. But what am I saying? I love them all :)

Zero said...

Great pictures! Can't you get a lens with a faster f-stop? They can get expensive, but they do the trick. My cousin is a pro ( and she prefers for her camera gear.

Rebecca and Andrew said...

"Love you brother" has my vote...but you always make this a hard choice!! The pictures are always so great.