Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Farewell Walk by a Cold River

Saying "goodbye" (or rather, "you will now be neglected") to an old friend.

My new friend arrived yesterday!

Canon S3IS, the 63,543 memories we made together will never be forgotten.

And this picture is to go with the following poem. It seemed fitting, and I am to be meditating on it for the CS Lewis Poetry class I am taking (which, by the way, you are all invited to if you live close! A great four week class by Logos ministries.)

My heart is empty. All the fountains that should run
With longing, are in me
Dried up. In all my countryside there is not one
That drips to find the sea.
I have no care for anything thy love can grant
Except the moment's vain
And hardly noticed filling of the moment's want
And to be free from pain.
Oh, thou that are unwearying, that dost neither sleep
Nor slumber, who dist take
All care for Lazarus in the careless tomb, oh keep
Watch for me till I wake.
If thou think for me what I cannot think, if thou
Desire for me what I
Cannot desire, my soul's interior Form, though now
Deep-burried, will not die,
-No more than the insensible dropp'd seed which grows
Through winter ripe for birth
Because, while it forgets, the heaven remembering throws
Sweet influence still on earth,
-Because the heaven, moved moth-like by thy beauty, goes
Still turning round the earth.


Janine the Bean said...

I'm so glad we went to Lewis poetry last night.

Great shot for that poem.

I have a blog post saved regarding a poem.

Keep reading!

Janine the Bean said...

Oh, and I can't wait to see some shots with the new camera. :)

Coraly said...

I sure wished that I lived close enough to take the class with you...
side note... you can come when ever you want... it would be fun to go into labor with you here... I do need someone to stay with my anxious children;) but really when ever you want just get your little tushy up here!

Kellie said...

Yay! I'm so glad your new friend is here!

Mainely Me said...

That's poetry I understand.

What in the world are those white blobs on the bare branches that look so much like roasted marshmallows?