Thursday, June 11, 2009

Questions from the Backseat

The distance that spans from the driver seat to the back seats where the older boys sits is often beyond my range of clear understanding when something is yelled up my way; especially with littles usually talking or crying and the radio playing music. But I typically get a general idea what they are saying.

"Mama!?! will you ever sell us?"

"What did you say, Max?"

"WILL........... YOU ........... EVER .........SELL .......... US??????

Following was the obvious: "absolutely are my sons will be my sons until I die...and we will talk about it when we get home."

Fast forward several blocks and a few minutes getting everyone in the door and I get the question again, "You will NEVER sell us?"

Well, it isn't difficult to guess where they got the idea. Fundraising, talk of money (don't think your kids aren't listening...even to nonchalant conversations), and finally bringing home Noah. So they got a basic lesson in child trafficking. No...not really, but it was good to explain where the money goes, why Noah's circumstances were different than ours, and even lessons on poverty, third world countries, sacrificial love, taxes, social welfare, and our duty to help those less fortunate, and, yes, why babies are not sold. (with some age-appropriate sugar coating) It was a good talk.
They both got down seemingly content with my answers. Next on the adgenda, "Mommy...when we die, can we ALL be burried together? You and Daddy and Jake and me and the babies?"
Anyone know any good family plots for sale?


alpidarkomama said...

Besides that, what did you learn??? :) :) :) GREAT picture. We need a new camera... :)

Mainely Me said...

Little Max has turned into the asker of big questions! Amazing what goes through those minds.

Taia said...

My uncle is on the cemetery board in Thornton, IA- a very cheap place to be buried. More dead people than alive ones in the rural Midwest these days. My sister is visiting and said one of the better jobs available in Detroit is trapping the skunks, raccoons, etc. that are invading the neighborhoods of abandoned houses.

Sheri said...

If you DO sell him, I'm first in line so tell him to have no fear!!!

Miss that little guy with big questions.....

(I take it you didn't tell him about cremation then?!)