Sunday, September 06, 2009

Surprise Max!

We pulled it off: a surprise party for our four year old! Daddy put in at a boat ramp and set off down the Willamette. Meanwhile, I ran to the take out spot to set up the party. About an hour later, here came the boys...with one happy, shocked little man.
It was a hit. Only one disaster had to be averted when a balloon floated away down the river. In went Josh to rescue it.

Happy Birthday, Kiddo. We love you to the moon!

And here's some from his actual "turning 4 day" (in reverse order because blogger is not letting me switch them and...honestly...I don't have the time to reload them :)

My boy

Jake getting wound up to throw something at Max...oh the joys of little boy photography

Ollie "talking" with Grandpa and Grandma. You should see how excited he gets to see them.

Max opening his gift from Grandma and Grandpa...with them on Skype. Long distance grandparenting gets creative!

Max with his gift at the Toy Factory


Ahh!! The Toy Store!!!

At the library, Max got surprised with a song from Mr. Scott.

Stopped by a train on the way to get the van from the shop.

Brotherly Love


Sheri said...

oh, those are the best pictures! I love it on the video when you can see that Max caught on to the surprise! (so wish I could have been there in person!!!!) What a great day of memories for all of you.

They are growing and thanks to SKYPE and pictures I don't have to miss it all.

thanks so much----and Max, I love you more!

Kat said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Max!

Kellie said...

That was so cute! I love the video. I wish I could see you guys I miss you all!

sawheeler said...

THAT IS ONE CUTE KID! What a great surprise party..