Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids in Real Time

Here's for you family and friends who would like to see some random real time moments of the kids. Not still life. ;

I try to give jobs. I really do try, even though they usually take more time than they save. In this instance, I asked Jake if he could put on Lily's socks. By the time he had started, the rest of the boys were ready to head out the door.

Typical playtime with Dad.

Lily will not sit still these days. Twisting, turning, trying to roll, pushing, kicking, always moving. She also chats, talks, complains, REALLY complains, coos, and converses. And YES, those are all different things. :)


Mainely Me said...

You're right; the action is very different than the still shots and I like it. I'm sure I will be re-viewing these when we are away from home:( New ones will be expected! It was fun to see Josh romping with the boys; we don't see him often enough.

anne said... Sounds like my older one! Loved these. I bet you love when dad goes out to play with the boys!

And the socks thing...hilarious. I love how the boys are all just standing around, not saying much and just waiting. So cute!

Thanks for the videos. Really fun.

Coraly said...

My favorite part... Max chucking the baby toy across the room!!! Totally made me laugh!!

Sheri said...

Jake being so "Jake" as he puts those socks on. So cute!
I, too, loved seeing Josh playing with the boys outside. They are some lucky kids to have parents that spend so much time with them.
And the last one is too cute. I can't believe how Lily has grown (that's makes me sad how much I've missed). and then it was no surprise that Max and Ollie were the ones to come and pay attention to her. They are certainly the ones for the babies, aren't they! I Loved hearing Ollie say a few words. I can't believe how much they have changed in the last 2 months. I fear I am missing alot and, well, I am :( the videos help. Keep them coming!!!!
(where was Noah in all of these? He just made himself invisible! It was good to hear your voice, Jodi!)

Sheri said...

I wrote a comment earlier but it didn't post I guess:

I love seeing the videos although they make me soooo very lonesome for all the kidos! Actually for both of you adults too. I can't believe how Lily is growing and Oliver is talking! give them kisses for me.