Monday, August 09, 2010


Routine maintenance occurs in batches around our house. There is the clipping of 100 nails, the cleaning of 10 ears, the cutting of five heads of hair, etc. Today, it was the hair maintenance. I am yet to figure out hairstyles that look decent when they are long, so they get the "all boy buzz". Well, with the exception of Noah, whose hair has been somewhat neglected since the arrival of the terrible two's phase. However, I think Josh was a little embarrassed at the condition of his frizz and suggested I try again. One hour and quite a few cartoons later, we had new, clean looking sons.

And while the clippers are out, you may as well give yourself a trim.

Josh beat me by a mile. In the time it took for me to do one child's hair, he had done three and made dinner. (although he might have had a slight advantage)

The girls? We did not join in. We'll leave that to the professionals. soon as Lily gets hair that is.


Sheri said...

what a handsome bunch! I love fresh haircuts, especially on the daddy of them all!!!!

Lily, don't worry, it'll happen!

Mainely Me said...

I like the 100 nails thing! Great family life post:)

The Singlers said...

That was great! Noah's hair looks so cool. And I can't imagine clipping all those nails...

Marie said...

They look great. :) Love Noah's, but I bet it took awhile!

Miss you guys. How's the future looking school-wise?