Sunday, August 08, 2010

Milestone Moments

Oh the mundane moments of life. Day after day... nothing seems to change... and then BAM! your oldest son looses a tooth. Or Whoosh, he learns to ride his bike. WHAM! Max goes off on his first backpacking trip...Woah! The littles are going potty in the toilette (well...some of the time. These things don't happen all at once after all).

Yes, there have been milestone moments around the Y. home this summer. The bike riding took me off guard. I didn't expect it to be that big of a deal (to me). My heart skipped, my eyes teared and I cheered more than I ever have for my child! It was a pretty great moment. Sure...every kid learns to ride...but MINE riding: that is a moment for celebration! It truly was the biggest thing since the first step.

Of course, he got his bike not long after he took his first step (gotta love first time parents ;) We thought it would make such a great 2nd birthday present. We tried every year...but this was the year he decided to be ready. And yes, I think the "decision" factor has a lot to do with this. Can't really teach someone to ride a bike against his will very well (we've learned.)

"Wouldn't it be cool," he suggested "if I rode into my party and surprised everyone?" (this was two weeks till party day). Three days later he was off and riding. Of course, he simply couldn't keep it a secret from cousins...but that didn't matter much. He could RIDE!

Summer milestone moment for Jake: Check!


Kellie said...

Good job Jake!! I remember when you got that bike... that was the last birthday I was there for. So sad :( I miss you guys, it was good to see you, even if just on video! Love you all!

Mainely Me said...

Well, the videos made this Grammy tear up, too, as I remembered my little ones conquering the bike riding and how quickly the time went to when they took their first drive in the car alone....

Sheri said...

I've enjoyed all of the videos - some of them twice!!!! GOOD JOB, Jake! I loved seeing you get better and better with each one. I love how you decide to do something and do it.

I just kept thinking - "what a beautiful family" How blessed my son is to have "it all". God has been good!

I had to pause the video with Lily in it (phone call) and when I came back to it there she was smiling! She looked so much like Jake in it.
Adorable. Oliver reminds me the most of Josh as a little guy - Max still reminds me of Warren - and Noah is adorable all on his own!!!!
Love to you all.