Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maxwell's Milestone

Being best friends with your older brother is just plain hard at times. All of those "coming of age" things will always come sooner for Jake. Waiting is hard. Waiting is aggravating. But waiting produces great joy when it is over.

Two summers ago I sat with a very sad Max as Jake drove away for his first backpacking trip with daddy. It was eased a little bit with a Starbucks treat, but only momentarily. The weekend was spent with longing to be older.

Two years later (an eternity to him and a blink of the eye to me) my second son started out on that great coming of age trip. Hiking up the trails, playing with sticks in the fire, telling stories, and doing various other guy things.

I have to say...I don't know much of what goes on up there. One of those strange moments where my camera cannot follow and my ears cannot reach.

I did convince them to take a camera...and got great footage.

Father and son...three days...alone in the woods. Great memories...great bonding.

Enjoy the slideshow of Maxwell's first trip. (click to go to you tube's sight)


Sheri said...

This little guy give me so much joy. I can't help but look at his face and smile. Maybe it's because he wears all of his emotions on his face or because he seems so full of joy himself or maybe because he is what I imagine Warren to be as a young boy.
He is one of a kind (as they all are!) and I am so glad that I get to be grandma to this unique human being. I love you much, Max! Congratulations on FINALLY getting to go on your first backpacking trip. grandpa only wishes he could have been there too.

And Josh and Jodi - you are amazing parents!

Mainely Me said...

Oh, so very FUN to watch!Great job filming, Max.

Kellie said...

super cute! I love when you include videos and I loved seeing backpacking from Maxwell's perspective even if it was mostly of the ground and Josh's bottom. Hey, I suppose when you are that height, that's what you would mainly see :)