Friday, September 03, 2010

A Whole Handfull!

It always feels strange when the day of their births roll around. One year more removed from that wonderful day when I first saw his sweet rinked face.

Five years ago Maxwell Nicholas was born...the second son. Greatness. I didn't know then that his name would fit so wonderfully, or what kind of little boy he would become. And in some ways, I still don't.

Figuring out a middle child can be interesting. Shadowed by big brother's specific interests, shy to develop his own, and yet not a little baby content to do whatever.

He does, however, have his opinions and those were given free verse for his day.

Breakfast? Doughnuts. Well...okay...those were a surprise from daddy.

So Max...where do you want to go today? "The TRAIN PARK!" (could have called that one)

A common COMMON sight

Being goofy...being a boy

I'll let you take a picture of me if you let me take one of you!



My Max

Little girl

A birthday ride

Quite the hit.

The trip was suddenly cut short when Jake disturbed a bees nest (those little ground bees). The laughter of the stroller ride was cut by piercing screams of "THEY'RE STINGING ME ALL OVER!!!" Fortunately, only two stung him and as of today he is mostly healed.

Dinner of choice was pancakes (gotta love brenner)

And then Max got his turn to choose the activities for the birthday wheel. (in which we rotate spinning a wheel and participating in the corresponding activity) They included:

1. Draw a picture

2. Open Presents (more later)

3. Tackle

4. Piggy back rides

5. Dessert

6. Puzzle (better set up another table grandpa)

Back to the "middle child" thing...the one recurring interest that Jake did not have a prior interest in is Photography. Max is the kid who I have to watch my camera with...who is always asking "can I take a picture?" and "where is your camera mom?" So...Max got his very own camera. I am looking forward to photo lessons with him and the creation of our 365 photo blog entitled Photography and Other Happy Things.

He loves big, hurts big, plays hard and crashes hard. He is our Max. Our affectionate one. Our helper...and he is five. Happy Birthday Maxwell! You make our life grand.


Kellie said...

Love you Max!! Happy, happy birthday :)

PS I'm excited for the photo blog!

Sheri said...

Max - you make me smile BIG! I love you soooooo much! Can't wait to see your pictures. I'm glad your birthday was so great.